Free Kate Somerville Skin Care Samples

Discover Hollywood's best kept secret. Kate Somerville's skin care products feature high-quality ingredients, in high-performance combinations, produce highly effective results.

Everyone has a truly unique skin type, which is precisely why Kate Somerville developed a wide variety of products able to provide an array of customized solutions—all based on the skin health pyramid.

These highly-effective formulas utilize top-of-the-line ingredients and rich botanicals that restore and repair. Every item in Kate Somerville's skincare line has been developed in the Clinic, scientifically tested, and statistically proven to create dramatic improvements.

Free Spider Identification Chart

Termite is giving away free spider identification charts.

This chart is a great guide for identifying all kinds of spiders found in the US, and also provides First Aid advise for spider bites.

Keep this handy chart around the house, take it with you camping, or give it to your child or grandchild to enjoy.

Simply fill out the form to request yours, or receive it via email.

Free Glaucoma Information Booklet

The Glaucoma Research Foundation is giving away free Glaucoma Information Booklets.

This 32 page booklet will guide you though the important basics of Glaucoma and its impact on those living with it.

Simply fill out the request form to receive your free booklet copy of, “Understanding and Living With Glaucoma.”

Offer only available to residents of the US and Canada.

Stickers from Petakids

PETAKiDS is giving away free stickers to raise awareness of animal rights.

Every kid loves stickers, so this should be a great free surprise to any animal or sticker lover.

Simply fill out the request form to get your free animal rights stickers.

Sheet of Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Sticker

Bronx Zoo Dinosaur Safari is giving away free Dino Stickers.

Vote for your favorite Dinosaur to be entered for a chance to view “Dinos Take the Bronx” summer 2013, and get a free sheet of Dino Stickers.

Choose between:






Simply click on your favorite Dinosaur and provide your email address for further instructions.

Wire Connector Samples For Those in Electrical Trade

Ideal is giving away free wire connector samples that are weather safe and for underground.

Simply fill out a request form to receive yours.

Limit to one sample per person. Offer only available to residents of the US. Samples intended for those in the Electrical trade only.

Blind and Shade Samples

Select Blinds is giving away free samples from their huge collection of Blinds and Shades.

Choose between Categories Such As:



Roller Shades

Good Housekeeping

Faux Wood Blinds

Roman Shades

Vertical Blinds

Wood Blinds

Pleated Shades


Mini Blinds

Sheer Shades

@Home Collection

Simply browse though their collection, choose your favorites, and add them to your cart. Then go though check out to process your order with free Standard Shipping.

No credit card required. Simply pick your samples and supply your shipping address information.

You will also receive a money saving coupon with your samples.

Nescafe Taster's Choice Samples

Nescafe is giving away free samples of their Taster’s Choice Drink Mixes.

Sample includes 6 packets.

Simply fill out the small form to request your sample.

While Supplies Last.

Offer only available to residents of the US.

Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Limit to one sample pack per person and 2 sample packs per household or address.

Braille Alphabet Guide

Braille Bug is giving away free Braille Alphabet Guides.

Generally used for the blind, the Braille is just another way of producing a language thought the use of dots or bumps.

In other words, the Braille alphabet is another code used to read and write english.

Simply fill out a request form to receive your free Braille Alphabet Guide.

Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Offer only available to residents of the US.

Wyoming Sticker and Travel Guide

Wyoming Forever West is giving away free Stickers and Travel Guides.

Simply fill out a form to request your free “Yellowstone ...or Bust!” Sticker and Guide.

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Salt Lake City Ski Stickers

Salt Lake is giving away free Ski Stickers.

SImply fill out a quick form to request yours.

“Combining the amenities of a major metropolitan area with the friendliness of a small, western city, Salt Lake City is an ideal location for group travel. A beautiful, safe, and vibrant city, Salt Lake combines unparalleled access to natural recreation, a bustling economy, dynamic nightlife, remarkable history, warm hospitality, and Utah’s Greatest Snow on Earth.”

While Supplies Last.

Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Offer only available to residents of the US and Canada.

"MOM" Bumper Sticker is giving away free “MOM” bumper stickers for Mother’s Day.

Show how proud you are to be a mom, or show your appreciation for your mom with this freebie.

Simply fill out a form to request your free “MOM” sticker.

  • Offer only available to residents of the US.
Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Montana "Get Lost" Sticker

Simply fill out a quick form to request your free “Get Lost” Sticker.

They will mail you a couple with a Montana Travel Guide.

Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Possible You T Drink Mix Sample

You-T is delighted to send 100 free samples per month. If you are chosen, you will receive a free sample in the mail and a follow up via email.

You T is a breakthrough solution for urinary tract health.

Founded in 2008, You T has been developing products optimized for women’s health. Patients always ask how to relieve and prevent Urinary Track Infections.

Cranberry juice is loaded with sugar. Cranberry supplements and pills have scant active ingredients, and they don’t promote flushing, which is critical to maintaining a healthy urinary tract.

You-T meets an unmet consumer and clinical need by providing healthy and science-based products that empower women to take control of their health. You-T’s flagship product is a proprietary women’s health beverage that promotes urinary health.

You T:

- is low-calorie

- an all-natural powdered drink mix

- has the highest potency of cranberry concentrate available

- has 375% of the required daily Vitamin C

  • Make sure to double check your entered information, requests can not be filled for incomplete or inaccurate request forms.

Must be at least 18 years or older to request sample.

Offer only available to residents of the US.

"Got Science?" Sticker

Got Science is giving away free “got science?” stickers.

To request yours:

  1. Click on the got science? sticker. (on left hand side of site.)
  2. Fill ou the form to requests yours.

Offer only available to residents of the US. Limit to one sticker per person, while supplies last. Allow 3-7 weeks for delivery.

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